Teenager Visits

Teenagers are very important to us at Amherst Pediatrics. Teenagers have unique health needs. Our office includes an exam room area specifically dedicated to the care of teenagers and completely separate from our younger patients.

Adolescent Appointments
Adolescent appointments are made for children ages 13 and above. The adolescent appointment allows the physician to spend more time with the teenager to better discuss specific, more complex teenage concerns. The visit usually includes a survey and the opportunity for a health care provider to spend private time with the teenager. Please call in advance for these appointments and identify your child as a teenager.

General Information Questionnaire
Part of the teenage visit may include a questionnaire. This form is used for discussion purposes only. The form is not signed, is not kept in the medical record and is discarded immediately after the visit.

College Forms
College forms are unique to each school. Every college bound student will require a separate college physical. Immunizations may be required. Some schools have specific requests for laboratory tests. If at all possible, bring the form into the office at the time of the exam. Set up the appointment as soon as possible in the spring.

Hard to Ask Questions
Parents and teens are encouraged to ask any question regarding health or psychological needs. The health care providers are receptive to all concerns pertaining to teenagers. Issues may be addressed during the visit or via a phone call. Phone calls will be returned in a timely fashion.

Useful Links

CDC Health: Adolescents and Teen

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